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Sales Culture is Calling For Exponential Transformation

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Epic Impact is catalyzing this generation's top producing sales leaders to achieve at the highest level
What happens when you win all the trophies?
Slaying dragons is fun and the next incentives, promotion and commission only feel good for so long. While breaking company records and crushing sales quotas are a must, there's more to the equation.
What happens when you discover that greatness isn't measured in dollars?
Money is important. Until it’s not. People who rise to the top are often left with more questions than answers, and we’ve seen that those with a clear path for what’s next in their personal growth earn more and achieve more.
What happens if you never expand to your fullest potential?
We’ve only got one shot on this planet, and anything less than unlocking our fullest potential feels like failure. Maximizing our talents to be truly impactful is the secret weapon of top performers around the world.
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What does it mean to be an epic influencer?

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Epic Influencers are Committed to the Path of Mastery

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Click below to hear from several of our top producers on their journey to mastering influence and leadership
Sam Taggart
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"I feel like it [Epic] is a space where I can finally be like, 'These are my brothers.'"
Sam Taggart - Solcius
Bryan Hurlman
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Vector Marketing
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"I was expecting to get a little better at my business... And it's been so much more than that."
Bryan Hurlman - Vector Marketing
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Our Community Will Only Accept the Absolute Best

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The culture at Epic Impact is sacred and we’re very specific about who invite into our community
Commitment to Mastery
The people who succeed in this environment have growth and expansion as a top priority
Top 1% Producers
We work with six and seven figure earners to help them accelerate their performance and make an impact at the highest level
Desire for the Next Level
Everyone we work with has a deep desire to live life to their full potential and won’t settle for less
Open to Leadership
We will only work with those who are open to and actively looking to receive leadership
Ready for Transformation
Timing is everything and those ready to invest in their personal growth and embrace change will thrive
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Here's What You're Missing At Our Epic Immersions

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Let's Connect Deeper and See If You'd Be A Good Fit

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Our team runs strategy sessions with top performers to discover if it makes sense for us to work together
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